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Baby & Family Clothing Aid

We are a clothing and equipment bank providing aid to families and community groups in and around the Airdrie and Coatbridge areas.

How does it work?

The Baby & Family Clothing Aid runs similar to the food bank concept. We receive donations from the public and distribute them to babies, children and adult family members suffering from the effects of poverty or times of difficulties.

Requests (or referrals) are submitted to us through our simple online form by a professional who can vouch for the child or family level of need.

Once we receive a request for help, we create a package tailored to the needs of the baby, child or family members.

Help Us by Making a Donation Right Now

Donations of clothing for babies, children and adults as well as other baby items such and nappies, bedding, cots/baskets, prams and any other essential items can be handed into our premises at

29 Graham Street, Airdrie, ML6 6DD

Opening Times

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10 AM till 2 PM

Alternatively you can help the Baby & Family Clothing Aid by donating via PayPal by using the link below.

Who can get help?

The service provided by Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid is for all family members who may be in a position of need from newborn babies to the elderly, with clothing for all, as well as any essentials for a baby, from nappies to cots.

How do I gain access to help?

Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid requires someone who is not a friend or family member of the person/s to complete our referral form. This is usually someone who works in one of the following capacities:

What can we provide?

Below is a list of goods and services that we endeavour to supply within a time period of ‘up to two weeks’ from submission. We also have an ‘urgent’ option that we try to complete within 24 hours.

Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid is operated by
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC049275

Monklands Baby & Family Clothing Aid
29 Graham Street
Open Mon, Wed, Fri 10am till 2pm

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